Candy Crush Level 121 Tips

Candy crush saga level 121 is complicated by the solitary bomb that awaits at the start in the middle of the screen......and the timer makes it especially stressful.

So follow these hints for a better chance of beating this pesky level.

How to remove the bomb

Obviously, your first task is to clear the bomb on the middle of the screen. If you can get a stripe then that will help. Otherwise, focus on working around the bottom of the square of frosting around the bomb. Preferably, focus on the same corner. That way, you can force the bomb to drop out, as the matches will remove the frosting and open up gaps to drop the bomb into.

Always remove the bombs

Always take out the bombs as soon as you can. Don't pass up any opportunities to remove them. They're worth a bunch of points too.

Work the bottom

After you have cleared the initial bomb, focus on matches at the bottom of the screen. This will increase the possibility of cascading matches.

Stripe and wrapped combo

It's the best combo for this level. It clears a bunch of points!


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  2. Focus on working on the center column, and the free space you get after that will help you generate all your favorite candy combos. And ya, the bombs, take them out as soon as you can or they will make you regret not doing so.
    Anyhow, if you are continually stuck, you may want to look at this.

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